The biggest football sponsorships in Germany


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There is so much money that revolves around sports, especially football. It is considered as second religion to almost every European, not literally of course. People are diehard fans of the sport and the players. It is no wonder why footballers have staggering amounts of income and lucrative endorsement deals. Football stadiums have the capacity from 20,000 up to 70,000 and more visitors. Combining all of the above-mentioned facts with TV rights together make it obvious why this industry is booming.

One of the most popular European leagues are: Bundesliga, Premier League, La Liga, Serie A – Italy, Ligue 1 – France, Eredivisie, Russian Premier League, Scottish Premier League and Belgian Pro League. Individually players are additionally signed to a lot of opulent companies which sell different products and look for the right spokesperson for them. In many cases the football player are the perfect choice.

Bayern Munich

Let`s focus on the teams in general not the player as individuals. As a leading team in the Bundesliga FC Bayern Munich gets enormous 111$ million annually just from sponsorship deals. Adidas are their trademark. Their “romance” stretches as far as 50 years and there is no end in sight. They will be together in the foreseeable future until 2030.

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Deutsche Telekom Bayern Munich

Another great partner of theirs is Deutsche Telekom. Paying 34$ million per year gets their name on their jerseys every time they play. Recently one of their biggest sponsorships is Allianz. They decided to become partners and invest whopping 150$ million. Allianz and Adidas are partners in the ownership of the team. Comparing the sponsorships it is obvious which sponsor has the majority of stakes. Allianz come on top with 8% whereas Adidas holds just a minority of the ownership.

Borussia Dortmund

Borussia Dortmund has the biggest football stadium in Germany and looking back the highest attendance overall. They are a force to be reckoned with always finishing their season at one of the top positions. Their main partners are: Evonik Industries, Puma and Signal Iduna among many others. The largest contract is with Evonik which is worth 400$ million does propelling their budget sky-high. The contract was signed in 2006 as it seems they will be together until 2025. According to it Evonik is entitled to 9% stake in the club.

Puma Borussia Dortmund

The second biggest sponsor is Puma. Their agreement stands from 2012 until 2020. Roughly it estimated at 10$ million. They will supply them with playing kit but not just the senior. All the other protégé teams which are under BVB`s wing will get the same treatment as well. Fun merchandise is also included in the drafted contract; therefore it is a well-rounded agreement. From Signal Iduna they will receive 7$ million every year until 2026. By investing this money they exclusively reserved the stadium naming rights.

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Bayer 04 Leverkusen

Bayer 04 Leverkusen plainly said is sitting pretty in the top teams every year. Their investment in football is paying off and they are one of the most feared and respected teams in Europe. With this in mind their sponsorships are cream of the crop reaching astonishing numbers. Their kit supplier was Adidas, but the management decided a better choice would be JAKO. The German brand will take care of Leverkusen`s needs in the following 2 years with and an additional 1 year if everything goes according to plan. It is a hefty deal worth allegedly over 2.5$ million. Barmenia has never been more trilled to join Bayer 04 Leverkusen`s family with a deal worth 6.8$ million. This arrangement surpasses LG which had accompanied Leverkusen in the past. Their shirts will bear the Barmenia logo in the next four years.

These are some of the high-priced deals and sponsorships of all time. Still it is early to say what we can expect in the future. There are more companies on the rise and football is a smart investment. We will see how things are going to shape up. Undauntedly the sponsorships will keep on rolling and the industry will thrive in the time ahead.



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